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The Jungle Games Casino Slot Machine

Jungle Games is a fun, lighthearted casino slot machine which features colorful depictions of various jungle and savanna animals dressed up in sneakers and sporting outfits. This is a cheerful game perfect for the animal lover in all of us.

Characters and Themes

The casino game juggles a combination of savanna and jungle themes, both in its borders and backgrounds and in its symbols. Images of deep grasslands are seen in the background and border, and appears to be a track for animal athletes. and the buttons at the bottom of the slot have been designed to resemble bongo drums.

The characters are equally charming. You will find depicted a giraffe doing his best Steph Curry imitation, a gorilla lifting weights (naturally) and a hippopotamus who likes to swim. There are also other athletically-themed symbols, including basketballs, boxing gloves and a referee’s whistle.

Options for Play

Like most all of Net Entertainment’s online casino slot machines, Jungle Games has a free spins no deposit mode to familiarize yourself with the setting or to simply have fun without placing your bank account on the line. That said, the real fun for most of us comes from the thrill of betting. The game has 5 reels and 20 paylines, and bets run anywhere from 0.02 to 0.50 for each payline. You can assign anywhere from one to four coins for each payline, allowing you to bet up to $40.00 and win even more. As usual, the game can be played with U.S., British or European currencies. If you would like to try out the Jungle games, the best place to play is at the Sunmaker Casino.

Symbols and Special Features

As you might expect, there are several exciting special features that enhance the experience, including a wild token. This wild symbol looks like a golden trophy or the Stanley Cup, and it can stand in for other symbols and create winning combinations. Not only does the wild cup fulfill combinations, it also adds a multiplier to the payout, a great feature to make more money.

There is also a scatter symbol, which looks like an Olympic gold medal. As soon as three or more gold medal symbols appear on your reels, you enter the Pick Win bonus mode. When this feature activates, the standard slot screen changes to the Pick Win screen, and you are allowed to choose either a coin reward or free bonus spins. If you choose to select free spins over the coin reward, you will be rewarded with a random number of spins, as well as a randomly-picked score multiplier. The game marks each of your free spins with your most recent bet, and any winnings accumulated will be per that bet.

Skill Stop and Autoplay

If you’re feeling lucky or bold, you can utilize the skill stop feature. When you use this feature, you can choose to stop all the reels at once, rather than letting them stop manually one at a time. This can be an exciting feature if you see a winning combo and are quick enough to capitalize on it. For those who want a more automatic slot, you can choose to spin the slot a set number of times using an autoplay feature, which will also stop on a winning spin. Simply designate how much you want to bet and how many paylines you wish to bet on, and the game does the rest.

Our Take on Jungle Games

Jungle games isn’t my personal favorite slot, but it is cute and fun and there are a lot of different ways to win. In my opinion, it doesn’t stand out as much against its competition, but there’s definitely a lot of fun to be had here. Or well the Jungle Games has one feature that is quite rare and that is that it can be configured for no deposit bonuses which is something very popular.

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