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The Jackpot 6000 Casino Slot Machine

Jackpot 6000 may look like a simple, classic Las Vegas slot machine, but its timeless gameplay, classic aesthetics and simple, easy fun are taking the internet by storm. Rather than relying on flashy images or clever themes, this is a slot that focuses on the game, and it does so in winning fashion.

True Casino Theme

Jackpot 6000 is a timeless, virtual casino. As the game loads, you will see yourself in a virtual casino just like you might find in Reno or Missoula. The game then zooms in on your individual slot machine, which looks just like a traditional slot.

The slot has six simple icons familiar to traditional casino-goers: lemons, grapes, cherries, stars, bells and a jester. The slot is a traditional three-reel, with five paylines that offer even more ways to win. And you’ll never have to wonder whether you’ve won or not either, because every winning payline will flash and ring in exciting sound effects every bit as exciting as a real casino.

Betting and Playing

You have a wide range of betting options when you’re playing Jackpot 6000. Play it safe and simple with ten-cent wagers or go big with ten dollar bets. Net Ent brings together players from all over the world, and you can choose to bet in U.S. dollars, the Euro or the British pound. Unlike some slot machines, there are no automatic spin buttons, but you don’t really need them with this slot because of its simple, easy-to-follow screen. Besides, an automatic spin would ruin the classic appeal of this timeless slot machine.

This online slot takes its name from its massive payout – up to 6000 coins! There is also a supermeter jackpot, an exciting bonus mode that brings a whole new mode of play for your slotting excitement. But more on that in a minute.

Special Features

There are a lot of ways to win with Jackpot 6000 and just as many ways to take your winnings to another level. I already told you that each win triggers flashing lights, music and sound effects. But what I didn’t mention is that this presents an opportunity to take your winnings to a whole new level.

Every time you win, you have three options. You can simply collect your winnings, which is what I do (I like to play it safe, y’all). But for those more daring than I, you can choose to gamble your winnings. When you gamble, you select the option of either heads or tails, after with the display will stop. A correct guess doubles your winnings, at which point you can choose to collect everything, gamble the whole sum or transfer the double winnings and keep playing with the base amount.

As you might have guessed, the jester icon functions as a wild card in this slot game. Any time two or more jesters appear on the screen, you will be awarded a random jackpot than ranges anywhere from 10 to 6000 coins. Using the jester is also your ticket to possibly winning the supermeter jackpot, but the jackpot amount changes depending on how many people are playing.

Final Thoughts

What I like about this slot machine is that it takes me back to a simpler time. The graphics are fun and cheery, but don’t distract from the overall experience, which is fun, intense and thrilling. If you’re looking for an authentic slot experience, you can’t go wrong with Jackpot 6000. However we are very well aware it’s not for everyone’s taste, therefore we recommend to read about Indian matka at

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