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The Jack Hammer 2 Casino Slot Machine

If you’re a fan of classic-styled comic book entertainment, you will get a thrill out of the Jack Hammer 2 casino slot machine. The classic comic-book style graphics will take you back to the glorious days of 1950s comic detectives. Jack Hammer is back, and he’s going to kick crime in the butt in flashy comic-book style with awesome animated features.

The Setting and Theme

Players will enjoy classic comic styled tiles featuring Pearl, Don Crabby and of course Jack Hunter as the main characters. Other main tiles include Big Win and the KaPow! Symbol. There are also low-paying tiles that feature a guitar case fitted for a rifle , a barrel of fish (This is a Fishy Business, after all) and Pearl on a boat. The borders have a nice theme as well, including poor Pearl imprisoned and hanging from a rope.

Jack Hunter 2 is played on five reels and offers 99 bet lines. This means you’re going to get a lot of frequent payouts. However, these payoff are mostly pretty small. That said, there are a lot of ways to earn bigger payouts, including an awesome and exciting bonus round, wild card modes and other bonuses.

Ways to Bet

Jack Hammer is simple to play, easy to learn, challenging to master and wildly fun to experience. The slot makes it easy to raise and lower your bet. Simply select how much you would like to wager for each bet line and spin. You can also utilize an auto-betting feature that plays automatically for you at a set wager. You can set it to auto-play three or five times, or however many you like. This is a nice feature for those who want to keep spinning till the money comes in.

Jack Hammer 2 offers a huge amount of freedom regarding your individual bets. Wagers can be as small as $.50 or as large as $250. Bets are available in several different currencies as well, including The U.S. dollar, British pound and the Euro. You can win up to 10,000 coins with a single line, but most of the action is going to come from the bonus round, where you can collect up to 990,000 coins. Unlike the first Jack Hammer game, this sequel does not offer a progressive jackpot.

Special Features

Most of the best online slots feature cool and exciting features, and Jack Hammer 2 is no exception. One of these features is a special wild symbol that replaces all other symbols when it appears (save the free spin symbol). The wild symbol also appears during the free spin mode, which can make it much easier to earn a free spin. If you manage to trigger more than five free spin symbols, you trigger a bonus round that offers double payout on the number of free spins granted, and it is possible to earn up to 20 free spins in a single go.

Another crazy feature of Jack Hammer are the “sticky wins.” When this happens, all the winning symbols stay in place but the other symbols spin again, which can increase your chances of winning more and earning a bigger payout. This is an exciting feature and sure to get your blood pumping with excitement!

The Jury is Out

Jack Hammer 2 is a fun and exciting online casino game. It can be pretty hard to get the free spins and the payouts are often pretty small, but there is a lot of fun to be had, and the stylish noir cartoon look is timeless. If you want to get in on the fun, you can always play for free!

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